Rectangle J'K'L'M' shown on the grid is the image of rectangle JKLM after transformation. The same transformation will be applied on trapezoid STUV. Rectangle JKLM is drawn on the grid with vertices J at negative 5, 1. K is at negative 5, 6. L is at negative 7, 6. M is at negative 7, 1. Rectangle J prime K prime L prime M prime is drawn with vertices at J prime 4, 4. K prime is at 4, 9. L prime is at 2, 9. M prime is at 2, 4. Trapezoid STUV is drawn with vertices at S is at 9, negative 6. T is at 9, negative 2. U is at 7, negative 2. V is at 6, negative 5. What will be the location of U' in the image trapezoid S'T'U'V'? (16, βˆ’2)

Accepted Solution

U' will be at (16, 1).

The transformation that maps JKLM to J'K'L'M' is a translation 9 units right and 3 units up.

The same transformation is applied to STUV; this means that U(7, -2) will be mapped to U'(7+9, -2+3) = U'(16, 1).